About Us


Bradner School first opened in 1894, in a log building which had been Thomas Bradner's horse stable.  It was located at the corner of Bradner and Elsie Road.  The school had handmade double desks and the teacher's desk was on a raised platform.  There was a large wood stove and drinking water was contained in a pail that had a dipper to drink from.  The school's first teacher was Miss Wood and she had 7 students registered.

By 1913, more families had settled in Bradner and a bigger school was needed.  A new one room school was built in the present location for a cost of $3,000.  Later another room was added, and the school became a busy place, hosting community gatherings, card parties and concerts until the Bradner Hall was built.  It was a place where neighbours got together.

On December 16, 1924, disaster struck.  Everyone was at home, preparing to return to school in the evening for the annual Christmas concert.  Students had decorated their rooms and the wood stoves were left burning so it would be nice and warm.  Unfortunately, a stove overheated and the school caught fire and burned to the ground.  However the community was quick to organize and classrooms were set-up in two private homes.

Bradner School was rebuilt in the spring of 1925 and this two room building is still part of our present school.  Later, in 1951, with more growth, two additional classrooms were added to the south side of the building.  In 1961 a gym was added, and four more classrooms to the east end of the school in 1968.  In 1972, a staff room, office and two more classrooms were built.

With athletics playing an important role in the school, a new, full-sized gym was constructed in 2000, much to the appreciation of the students.

As it did from the beginning, Bradner Elementary continues to play an important role in the life of the Bradner community.