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News: Friday, December 4th, 2020

Bulldog Assembly

Our monthly Bulldog Assembly honoured these SMART Bradner Bulldogs:

Div. 1  

Khusveer: For being thoughtful, safe and always working hard

Andrew: For always trying his best, being safe, and having a good attitude

Matthias: For having great manners and attitude, and for being responsible

Div. 2

Brooklyn: For working hard until you are proud of your work

Donavon: For being a kind friend to everyone

Div. 3

Kerala: For being a kind and inclusive classmate, and for creating wonderful stories during Daily 5

Carter: For being a cooperative, kind and hard working student

Div. 4

Elias: For being such a great friend and helper, and for working so well at Daily 5

Blake: For being conscientious and working so hard at her school work

Div. 5

Lacey: For working hard at printing her name

Jayden: For working hard and persevering when things are difficult