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News: Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Bradner September Star Students

As is Bradner Tradition, today teachers honoured students from their class who demonstrated S.M.A.R.T Bulldog qualities. When you are a S.M.A.R.T Bradner Bulldog, you follow rules, and use common sense to stay Safe, You demonstrate good Manners, you have an Attitude that supports a growth mindset so that you can learn from your mistakes and persevere to overcome obstacles, you are Responsible, and you are Thoughtful.

September's Star Students are:

Division 1: 

  1. Drena - for her hard work, great attitude and for being thoughtful!
  2. Morgan -For being responsible, and always being on task and being so diligent!
  3. Tanaka - For having great manners, and for being thoughtful and having a great attitude!

Division 2

  1. Brolly - For being kind and respectful to everyone, and making new friends!
  2. Rachel - For always being responsible and ready to learn! You are a great leader!

Division 3

  1. Jase - For working hard in class and coming to school ready to learn!
  2. Kadin - For having a positive attitude, coming to school ready to learn, and producing such wonderful drawings!
  3. Fiona - For being a conscientious student and working to the best of her abilities on all activities!

Division 4

  1.  Mylah - for learning new routines quickly and for being kind and helpful!
  2.  Gurdiya - For being so helpful in the classroom and for putting good effort into her school work!

Division 5

  1. Cameron MacDonald - For adjusting well to the routines and expectations of kindergarten



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