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News: Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Back to School in June

Back to School in June Information

We are currently in the process of planning for June, and some small group instruction for students. Thank you to all who have let us know that you will or will not be back. If you are undecided, perhaps a little more info will help.

Students are going to be receiving 2 days of face to face instruction per week. If you responded yes to the survey, you will receive more information regarding your child’s schedule by Wednesday, May 27.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests regarding scheduling, as we are sticking to strict guidelines for numbers, and keeping family groups together on the same days.

The focus of the face to face instruction will be opportunities for literacy and numeracy practice, through the activities that teachers have planned as a part of the remote learning schedule. Students will have some help to complete this work, and will also participate in outside physical education activities, health and safety awareness and social emotional wellbeing activities. It will be an opportunity to reconnect with teachers and friends, and perhaps shed a little of the fears and stress we have all been dealing with. We are hoping to create a gentle and positive school experience for students to end the year with, while following all the health and safety guidelines that have been set out for us. We will appreciate your cooperation with following these guidelines, which will be sent to you in more detail with your child’s schedule. Among other things, they will include completing a health checklist for your child each day, respecting the rule of staying home if sick, and maintaining social distance while dropping off and picking up your child.  Adults will not be allowed in the building without a prearranged appointment.  Time will be spent in class helping students understand the necessary rules and protocols for frequent handwashing, keeping hands to self and not sharing items, and maintaining a healthy distance from others by thinking about where they are sitting and how they move about the building.

If you marked “undecided” on your child’s survey but are able to make a decision (either yes or no), please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. We are trying to arrange groupings to include friends but cannot guarantee ideal placement to students who decide to attend after the schedule has been made.

If you choose to keep your child at home for June, teachers will continue to make the weekly menus available for all and will monitor and respond to their seesaw posts.

This has been a unique year of new experiences for everyone. Whether you choose to return to school, or finish the year off from home, the staff at Bradner wish you a healthy, happy June!

Mrs. Jordan