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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Div Phone Email
Mr. Galen Soon Acting Principal/Grade 2/3 (Mon (am)/Wed/Fri (pm) 2 (604) 856-3304 Galen.Soon [at]


Name Position Div Phone Email
Ms. Tarrie Smith Grade - Kindergarten 4 (604) 856-3304 Tarrie.Smith [at]
Ms. Karen Lee Grade 1/2 3 (604) 856-3304 Karen.Lee [at]
Mrs. Sarah Goerzen Grade 2/3 Tues/Thurs/Fri (am) 2 (604) 856-3304 Sarah.Goerzen [at]
Mrs. Ravinder Sandhu Grade 4/5 (Mon-Wed) 1 (604) 856-3304 Ravinder.Sandhu [at]
Mr. Craig Marsh Grade 4/5(Thurs-Fri) /Learning Commons / P.E. /Gr. 2/3(Mon pm) 1 (604) 856-3304 Craig.Marsh [at]
Mrs. Gwen Thurmer Learning Assistance / ELL (604) 856-3304 Gwen.Thurmer [at]


Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Katrina Popplewell Counsellor 604-856-3304 Katrina.Popplewell [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Kimberly Juulsen Secretary 604-856-3304 Kimberly.Juulsen [at]
Ms. Baljeet Dhatt Custodian 604-856-3304 Baljeet.Dhatt [at]
Mrs. Remya Thaliyil Babu Education Assistant (604) 856-3304 Remya.ThaliyilBabu [at]
Michelle Andreone Educational Assistant 604-856-3304 Michelle.Andreone [at]
Mrs. Julia Kennard Educational Assistant (604) 856-3304 Julia.Kennard [at]
Ms. Candice Mitchell Educational Assistant (604) 856-3304 Candice.Mitchell [at]
Nadine Kitchekeesik Indigenous Support /Educational Asst. (Fri) 604-856-3304 Nadine.Kitchekeesik [at]
Mrs. Tambra Boerma-henderson Librarian Technician [Tuesday] 604-856-3304 Tambra.Boerma-henderson [at]
Ms. Kim Rioux Speech and Language (Thursday) 604-856-3304 kim.rioux [at]